Sandy Connon - Black & White Portrait Photographer

Family Portraits


“Sandy’s portraits of me and my daughter Hannah hang on my wall. I look at them a lot. Hannah appears as if she is about to jump right out of the chair. She is just so alive and the portrait caught exactly the right moment. It takes a very good photographer to capture that sense of energy. They are wonderful pictures and wonderful to have. ” - Kim Hill

Family and Extended Family Portraits

Love a family portrait? One with your parents or in-laws - and including the family pet? Sounds like Mission Impossible doesn’t it? But when it works the result can be fantastic. And Wellington portrait photographer Sandy Connon makes it work. Her portfolio of inspirational images is bursting with proof. Her portraits of families and extended families reveal the cohesion of the ‘family unit’ while still expressing the individual of each person who appears.

Sandy is a renown Wellington portrait photographer. She works almost exclusively in black and white, which she believes drills deeper into the essence of the person than what colour images can. Sandy draws on years of experience to offer the advice that will help achieve a successful result, from what to bring, what to wear, the most suitable poses, right through to ideas for intimate or innovative settings.

At the centre of everything is the family. Freeze yours in time – just as wonderful as they are now!



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