Sandy Connon - Black & White Portrait Photographer

Children and Toddler Portraits


"Sandy took a series of these wonderful photos, and in most Katherine was that strong and wilful child that we adore. However, in one portrait, in a single instant, she caught the very soul of Katherine, and we just melted when we saw it." - Pauline Gillespie

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Portraits of Toddlers and Children

Whether your gorgeous child is newborn, toddler, school-age or teenage - one thing is certain: each day they will grow and change. They will never be this age again. Capture them at the special stage they are at right now with a timeless portrait by renown Wellington portrait photographer Sandy Connon.

Some of New Zealand’s most famous families have trusted Sandy to photograph their children - and passed her name onto others.

What makes Sandy so successful? Talent, years of experience, and a natural empathy with children that enables her to ‘click’ with them and skilfully reflect their personalities in her portraits. Her child and family portraits are frequently inspirational. They often surprise. And they’re always cherished.

Sandy wants every family she works with to be thrilled with their portraits. She briefs all her clients on what they can do to get the best results: tips – some you’d never think of - on clothing matches, haircuts, unusual items to bring (the boy with his pet gecko), and ways to best prepare your child so they enjoy the experience.

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