Sandy Connon - Black & White Portrait Photographer

About Sandy

Sandy Connon

Portrait Photographer

Sandys portrait studio

The traditional view of portrait photography involves an uncomfortable subject wearing their best clothes, staring straight down the camera lens and trying to look respectable. This is not the approach Sandy Connon takes in her historic character studio. Through her individual and family portraits she wants to capture special moments in people’s lives, providing insights into relationships between the subjects, who they are and who they will become.

"I have the BEST job in the world. I get to cuddle and play with gorgeous babies. I get in the minds of quirky kids and tricky teens and work with parents that love their children.
My job is to create an environment where magic can happen, that is what I truly believe occurs when I engage with my subjects.
I am always looking for a response to my work that spurs us on to understand our own humanity, to feel strong and vulnerable, and have empathy for others.

I am committed to excellence.

I am passionate about quality.

I want to make fantastic photographs that my clients will love for years and years and that will talk to them, long after their children have left home."

“Sandy takes no prisoners but is a total treasure to work with. Our portraits hang on the wall and people who come to our house just go ‘wow'. They are just extraordinary.” - Paula Shelton

"It’s an investment but it really is a bit of art featuring our favourite subjects – our family. The portrait is something we will always have. It has captured a moment of our lives which makes it priceless really.” – Pip Fenwick


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